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Fish swimming in the ocean

Setting standards for animal welfare.

Nobody who truly loves animals can stand by and watch animals being treated unkindly - this is why our recipes are rich in wild game, outdoor reared meat and responsibly sourced fish. We were one of the world’s first pet foods to use free range chicken.

Australian Shephard dog looking over lake

Sustainability is everything.

We make sure that our suppliers all adhere to best sustainability practices, and we understand that there is always more we can do. As a company we’re learning and changing every day.

Canagan HQ green living wall

A zero carbon HQ.

We invested heavily in building our new hyper-efficient warehouse and headquarters to the best energy standards. Our whole business operates under one (very well insulated) roof, which cuts down on miles travelled by our team.

We also operate a fleet of electric vehicles powered exclusively by renewable energy saving over 46 tonnes of carbon a year!

We started our journey as an independent pet shop, and we believe there is no better place to get the nutritional expertise your pet needs.

This is why you will only find Canagan and Symply through selected independent pet stores.